This game is my interpretation of a simple higher or lower game. You are presented a value within the range of 1 and 100 and must guess whether the next value is higher or lower than that current value. Try to set a record and beat it!


HigherLower exe 14 MB


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Very Odd Game. Like simple, yet very gamble-y. for example, the output of whether you pick Higher or Lower is given to you, its common sense. For example :

Number is 78:

There are 22 numbers higher than 78, but 77 numbers lower than it. It's obvious to pick Lower in this scenario.

Number is 22:

there are 87 numbers higher than 22, it makes sense that you would pick higher instead of lower.

The entire game boils down to Common Sense and how lucky you are. But still very creative. 

Thanks mate! This isn't a game I've solely come up with. I've adapted it from higher / lower that you play with cards but made it simpler. Yes it's common sense but I like when the numbers in the middle, making it more of a 50:50.