Cubula v1.2.0 Pre-Alpha

v1.2.0 Pre-Alpha

I've worked on a few things these last couple days the biggest of course being procedural levels. I'd rather call them randomized levels because there isn't much space to work with however I do have a system that'd allow me to easily add 'presets' or patterns. The next most notable thing is the physics shatter effect. Upon collision with an obstacle the player will shatter, the origin system is slightly weird as ~125 cubes are replacing the original player cube which is slightly more intensive however I do like the effect but it can be inconsistent. I've added a settings page which'll allow you to toggle this shatter effect on and off. As well as that I've sort of added a currency system, you get 1 coin per 100 metres you place.

I want to make a shop which you can spend your currency on which will allow you to change the colour of your player. I also want to add an option to enable / disable music in the options. Other than that I have no more plans for Cubula other than improvements and bug fixes.

I do want to finish up with Cubula as to move on to the next thing however I want to leave it in a state where I wouldn't have to tend to it and think about it in the future.


- Added procedurally generated levels.

- Added shatter effect.

- Added settings page.

- Added currency


- Improved procedural preset system.


- General bug fixes.

Known Bugs:

- Lighting fades at start of scene (still).

- Audio reset upon return to main menu.

- Shattered physics sometimes handled weirdly.

- Shattered option toggle is inconsistent.


Cubula v1.2.0 pre-alpha Download File 22 MB
Oct 23, 2017
Cubula v1.2.0 Browser Game 13 MB
Oct 23, 2017

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