Cubula v1.1.0 Pre-Alpha

Since my last DevLog 4 days ago when I initially released Cubula I've been working on some additional features. While working on these my familiarity and understanding of the Unity engine has improved and I'm starting to feel more comfortable and at grips with it.

Since initial release I've removed all the levels but the first one, my idea is to make the original level procedurally generated and hence, infinite. Scoring in the original release was pointless as everyone would have the same score (if played legitimately) on completion therefore my plan for a procedural level will make score differential from each player. I didn't really face any challenges with the things that I have implemented, everything's been quite straightforward so far but I know the procedural level will be tough and require some planning especially on level design.

Apart from procedural levels, I want to improve the audio by adding more tracks which would be played randomly, to shatter the player cube upon impact with obstacles and add a shop scene where players can equip different skins. This will have to work in cohesion with an in-game currency. Cubula will not have any forms of monetization.

v1.1.0 Pre-Alpha


- Added highscores.

- Added stats page which lets you view your highscore and total distance covered.

- Added an audio manager to easily play audio / music.

- Added music, currently only 1 track.

- Added SFX, currently only upon collision with an obstacle.

- Added total distance covered statistic.


- Changed Alpha to Pre-Alpha.

- Improved navigation between the game and menus.

- Improved scoring system.

- Improved collision system.

- General Improvements.


- n/a

Known Bugs:

- Lighting fades at start of scene (still).

- Audio reset upon return to main menu.

- Completing the level despite obstacle collision.

- Total distance only increments on failure (oops).


Cubula WebGL Build v1.1.0 13 MB
Oct 17, 2017

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