Cubula v1.0.0 Initial Alpha Release

Cubula is a project that I've worked on over the last couple days while following the 'How to make a video game' tutorial series by Brackeys on YouTube

While at the moment the game is essentially a duplicate, I still have a lot of features and plans for this project to evolve it. This involves quite a substantial list comprising of more levels, better level design, destruction, audio, music, slow-motion, skins, procedural / infinite levels and highscores.

You can visit my Trello for this project to view Cubulas roadmap.




- Added playability.

- Added levels.

- Added menu.

- Added credits.


- n/a


- n/a

Known Bugs:

- Lighting fades at start of scene.


Cubula WebGL 12 MB
Oct 12, 2017

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