Cubula v1.1.0 pre-alpha

Located in an undiscovered nebula, Cubula pits the player against a series of obstacles and challenges to prevent it's escape.

Controls:  'A' and 'D' to move left and right correspondingly.

Cubula is in pre-alpha and will receive updates / patches for the game to evolve.

Cubula is the result of a tutorial series that I have followed. I do not claim any of this content to be solely my own. I am in no way trying to pass off anything in this game as original or owned by me.

If I am breaking any rules, I would be happy take this page down in obligation.

My Trello for Cubulas roadmap.


Download Cubula

Development log


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I love it! I got really excited playing this. Would be nice if there were a slight pause between tries as I found myself still holding down the keys sometimes after I'd died.


Hey, I've only spent a couple of hours on it and wanted to put up a prototype. I have a lot more levels coming on the way and a lot more features.

Thanks for the tip, I'll add a bit of a delay before you go again.